Crystalfire: The Demonslayers #4 by Kate Douglas

Crystalfire: The Demonslayers #4 by Kate Douglas


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  • Uploaded 4 years ago

    The Demon King still lives, stronger than ever, devouring souls in search of immortality.

    Against him stands the scholar Taron, a newly-minted warrior of Lemuria, and Willow, a woman of unearthly loveliness, born of mist...nnSpellboundnnTaron must pass through the waterfall of molten gold that shields the secret portal to his beloved land.

    His brilliant mind and the speaking sword called CrystalFire are his weapons against evil.

    But nothing can protect him from the power of love.

    Willow, whom he once knew as a sprite who could dance in his hand, has been changed by a master stroke of magic into the form of a beautiful, highly sensual woman, desiring a thousand pleasures that she insists he alone can give her.

    nnInnocent and eager, Willow arouses his deepest needs and sexual hunger--and his love.

    He will risk all to save her, even if it means a battle to the death with the ultimate foe...

    nn"Douglas is on my keeper shelf!" --Alyssa Day, New York Times bestselling authornnPrais